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Table of Contents and Course Syllabus

ASSIGNMENT I, Educational Objectives; Learn about:The Agency Relationship; Existence of Agency; Creation of Agency; Effects of Agency Relationship; Duration and Termination; Scope and Authority; Duties of Agent Including Disclosures and Confidences; Fiduciary Duties; Statutory Duties; Duties Owed Other Parties; Ethical Responsibilities; Agency Liabilities; Breach of Contract; Breach of Fiduciary Duty; Misrepresentation; Negligence; Consequences of Professional Liability;

ASSIGNMENT II, Educational Objectives; Learn about:; Agency Contracts; Power of Attorney; Listing Contracts; Key Provisions in Listing Contracts; Agency Relationships in Modern Brokerage Practice, Including A Review of Duties, Disclosures, and Confidences in Each; In-House Sales; Cooperative Sales; Single Agency; Buyer Brokerage; Business Opportunity Transactions; Commercial/Industrial Transactions; Specific Disclosures and Responsibilities as Set Forth; in AB 1034 (Connelly)