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Home Inspection
Table of Contents and Course Syllabus

Educational Objectives:
Assignment I Learn about Housing Codes, Zoning and Standards, Basic House Construction

Assignment II Learn about Buying and Selling the House, Building the New House, Common Problems in Resale Homes

Assignment III
Learn about The Building Site--Ground and Yard, Foundations: Basements, Structure: Exterior (Trim)

Assignment IV Learn about Structure: Interior, Cooling: Air-Conditioning Systems, Central Heating Systems, Air Treatment Devices, Fireplaces and Chimneys

Assignment V Learn about Electrical Systems, The Plumbing System, Roofing Systems

Assignment VI Learn about Wood Infestation Problems, Rot and Decay, Condensation, Moisture Control, and Wet Basements, Kitchens and Appliances

Assignment VII Learn about Exterior Appurtenances, House Care and Preventive Maintenance, Home Improvement: Estimating Costs and Buying Services, Insulation and Energy, Safety, Burglar and Fire, Household emergencies.